CMHM-100 Paper Handle Making Machine is a high-performance automatic paper bag Wanshou molding machinery, manufacturing and technology to achieve the first-class level; Input from the material base paper to a paper bag the Wanshou molding, the paper handle output of finished paper bag disposable completed. Low noise, high speed, high production efficiency, easy operation, good security;

According to the width of the raw materials made ??of all kinds of styles of paper rope hand; With easy to operate, easy to control, automatic alarm, automatic fault shutdown and other characteristics; Applies to the 40-80 grams of various paper raw materials; This machine is controlled by a computer server, the mechanical functioning of real-time display, the speed can be adjusted at any time based on production needs; The machine has increased the automatic track detection systems, with automatic alarm, automatic fault shutdown features;

Make paper rope folder in the second floor of kraft middle stick tight by hot melt adhesive machine, automatic cut in each hand pull. The High Speed ??Paper Handle Machine is an ideal accessory products of leaflets and drum the bag machine production line.

Machine show

CMHM-100 Paper Handle Making Machine



Machine Model CMHM-100
Paper Strap Width(Min) 30mm
Paper Strap Width(Max) 400mm
Paper Handle Length 190mm
Machine Speed 350 pcs/min
Machine Power 4kw
Machine Voltage 380V/220V
Machine Weight 2100kg
Machine Dimensions 4200×1300×1500mm


Technical Processes

Paper Handle Making Processes

Paper Handle1Paper Handle2

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